Repblica e cidadania Repblica das letras
Repblica e cidadania Repblica das letras
Maria João Rodrigues
    As European policy-maker (Special Advisor to the EU Presidencies and to the European Commission):
    • The EU development strategy – the “Lisbon Strategy” – with new policy orientations for information society, research, innovation, education, employment, social protection and environment (2000-2010).
    • The EU Lisbon Treaty, final negotiation (2007).
    • The EU Declaration on Globalization adopted by the European Council (2007).
    • Dialogues for sustainable development with the EU strategic partners: China, India, Russia and Brazil (2007-2008).
    • The new phase of the Erasmus Programme (2008).
    • The European initiative “New Skills for New Jobs” (2009).
    • The priorities for the European regional development policy (2005-07).
    • As academic:
      Preparation of the 7th Framework Programme for Research in socio-economic sciences (2007-2011) as President of the European Commission Advisory Board.
    • Special Advisor on European policies, European Union institutions.
    • Professor of European Economic Policies at the Institute for European Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles (IEE-ULB) and at the Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL).
    • Member of the Governing Board of the European Policy Centre, Brussels.
    • Member of the Board of Notre Europe, association created by Jacques Delors, Paris.
    • Member of the Council of the Institute for Strategic and International Studies, Lisbon.
    • Coordinator of the Project “Dialogues for Sustainable Development” bridging between the EU and Brazil, Russia, India and China, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, (2007-2008).
    • President of the High Level Group on Mobility in Europe (Erasmus), European Commission (2008).
    • Special Advisor to the Portuguese Prime Minister for the European Union Presidency dealing with the Lisbon Treaty, the Lisbon Agenda and the EU Summits with international partners (2007).
    • Coordinator of the European Commission’s Project “Innovation, Skills and Jobs” (2006-2007).
    • Special Advisor to the European Commission on the Lisbon Agenda (2005-2007).
    • Special Advisor to the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union for the Mid-term Review of the Lisbon Strategy (2005).
    • President of the European Commission’s Advisory Group for Social Sciences, 6th Framework Programme for R&D (2002-2006).
    • President of the Interministerial Commission for the Follow-up of the Lisbon Strategy (2003-2004).
    • Advisor to the Brazilian Government in missions organised by the United Nations Development Programme (2003-2005) and by the European Union (2006-2007).
    • Member of the Group for Economic Analysis supporting the President of the European Commission (2003-2004).
    • Member of the High Level Group on the Future of European Social Policies, European Commission (2003-2004).
    • Member of the High Level Group on Information Society, European Commission (2003-2004).
    • Member of the European Employment Task Force, European Commission (2002).
    • General Coordinator of the PROINOV (National Programme for Innovation), Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Portugal (2001-2002).
    • President of the Interministerial Commission for the Follow-up of the Lisbon Strategy, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Portugal. Preparation of the European Councils. (2001-2003).
    • General rapporteur for the Global Employment Forum, ILO, United Nations (2001).
    • Coordinator of the Lisbon European Council and of the action line of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union which defined the European economic and social strategy (2000).
    • Member of the OECD network of government long-term strategists (2000).
    • Special Advisor to the Prime Minister and Head of the PM’s Forward Studies Unit (1998-2002).
    • President of the High Level Group on Industrial Relations and Change, European Union (2000-2001).
    • Minister for Employment and Training: reorganisation of the vocational training system, modernisation of the employment services and negotiation of social agreements (1995-1997).
    • Degree in Sociology, Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL).
    • 3 Master Degrees in Economics with different specialisations, University of Paris I (Sorbonne).
    • Doctorat en Science Economique (PhD), University of Paris I (Sorbonne).
    • Aggregation in Economics, Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE-IUL).
    • Nominated for the Gaetan Pirou Award (Economic Science Award given by French universities at national level), 1986.
    • Gulbenkian Science and Technology National Award in Portugal, 1986.
    • Highly mentioned in the Boa Esperança Science and Technology Award in Portugal, 1992.
    • Ordre de la Couronne de Chêne au grade de Commandeur of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg for her contribution to the promotion of social Europe, 2000.
    • Ordem do Infante Dom Henrique, Grand Official of the Portuguese Republic for her academic and public service functions and for her European contribution, 2003.
    • Légion d’Honneur – Chevalier of the French Republic for her role in the European integration and the Lisbon Strategy, 2005.
    • Promotion to the degree of Officier for her role in the EU Presidency and the Lisbon Treaty, 2008.
    • Author of more than one hundred publications, notably the books:
      • O Sistema de Emprego em Portugal – Crise e Mutações, D. Quixote Publications: Lisbon, several editions: 1988 and 1992 (Gulbenkian Science Award, 1986).
      • [The Employment System in Portugal – Crisis and Change] Competitividade e Recursos Humanos – Dilemas de Portugal na Construção Europeia, D. Quixote Publications: Lisbon, several editions: 1991, 1994 and 1998 (Highly mentioned in the Boa Esperança Science and Technology Award).
      • [Competitiveness and Human Resources – Portugal dilemmas facing Europe] Políticas de Reestruturação, Emprego e Desenvolvimento Regional (eds), IEFP: Lisbon, 1994.
      • [Restructuring Policies, Employment and Regional Development] Avaliação dos Recursos Humanos na Área das Tecnologias da Informação e da Electrónica (eds), MIE: Lisbon, 1997.
      • [Information Technologies in Portugal: Competitiveness and Human Resources] The New Knowledge Economy in Europe – A Strategy for International Competitiveness and Social Cohesion (ed) in collaboration with R. Boyer, M. Castells, G. Esping-Andersen, R. Lindley, B.Å. Lundvall, L. Soete, M. Telò and M. Tomlinson, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, 2002.
      • Para uma Política de Inovação em Portugal (ed) in collaboration with M.M. Godinho and A. Neves, D. Quixote Publications: Lisbon, 2003.
      • [For the Innovation Policy in Portugal] European Policies for a Knowledge Economy, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, 2003. Portuguese translation: A Agenda Económica e Social da União Europeia – A Estratégia de Lisboa, D. Quixote Publications: Lisbon, 2004. EU Research on Social Sciences and Humanities: Social Sciences in the European Research Area – For the Development of the Research Agenda (ed) in collaboration with Á. Török, B. Laffan, C. Keyder, C. Crouch, D. Gallie, H. Wallace, J. Heinen, K. Vaitsos, L. Kolarska-Bobinska, L. Soete, M. Telò, M. Godelier, T. Meyer and T. Burns, European Commission: Brussels, 2007. Perspectives on Employment and Social Policy Coordination in the European Union (ed) in collaboration with J. Berghman, C. Erhel, B. Gazier, J. Goetschy, A. Hemerijck, E. Lorenz, R. O´Donnell, C. Porte, G. Schmid, P.A. Silva, R. Wilson and J. Zeitlin, Ministério do Trabalho e da Solidariedade Social: Lisbon, 2007. Europe, Globalization and the Lisbon Agenda (ed) in collaboration with L. Soete, J. Goetschy, P.C. Padoan, R. Boyer, J. Berghman, A. Török, B.Å. Lundvall, B. Coriat, M. Telò, I. Begg and W. Drechsler, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, 2009.
    • Participation in some hundred conferences as a keynote speaker taking place, for example, in: Athens (EU Greek Presidency), Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma), Beijing (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Ministry of Science and Technology), Berlin (Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour and Social Science Research Centre), Boston (Centre of European Studies, Harvard University), Brasilia (Federal Government Administrations), Bruges (College of Europe), Brussels (European Commission, European Parliament, Institut d’Études Européennes and European Policy Centre), Dublin (Forum for Europa), Frankfurt (European Central Bank), Geneva (International Labour Office), Helsinki (Ministry of Labour), Kyoto (Science Council of Japan), London (London School of Economics and Political Science), Ljubljana (Bled Forum), Malmö (National Institute for Working Life), Paris (ENA, OECD, Notre Europe and Université de Paris I, Sorbonne), Prague (Government of Czech Republic), Rome (Italiani Europei), Sao Paulo (Institute for Strategic and International Studies), Uppsala (The Swedish Research Council), Vienna (Federation of Austrian Industry) and Warsaw (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Warsaw School of Economics).

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